Saturday, December 30, 2006

1918: Influenza Epidemic

An earlier post told of the horrible flu epidemic which afflicted the U.S. back in 1918. Quarantines were commonplace, and as you can see by the article, even the churches suspended services.

1953: Check Out a Classmate's Website

I received an email from Lee Donehower, Steinert H.S. Class of 1966. He has set up a very nice website dedicated to that Spartan Class. There are also some photos of the Kuser Class of '53 who became the class of '66. Check it out at

Thursday, December 14, 2006

1957: Emily C. Reynolds

She was a giant among the educators in Hamilton Township. It was a privilege to have been a student during her time as Principal of Kuser school. I was in the Army in Europe when she passed away in 1957, and I recall the shock when Mom Glover's letter came, advising me of her passing.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Miss Kelly's "Reception Grade"

It's nice to know that the beautiful little nook in Miss Kelly's "Reception Grade" room is still just as it was when I was there back in the late 1930's. I still remember sitting in that little alcove, cutting out pictures from "Liberty," Saturday Evening Post," and "Look" magazine.

The Bicycle Ramp

I frequently take a quiet walk around the Kuser School, and rarely do I pass a spot that doesn't hold many childhood memories. This digital photo shows the sloped entrance way to the basement where we used to park our bicycles.
On a negative note, every plastic window in the school has turned an opaque and ugly brown, due to what I suspect is ultra violet exposure. The company who sold those windows to the Board of Education should be sued! When the bricks on the building were re-pointed back in the 80's, those "windows" were beautiful. Look at them now!

1953: "Reception Grade" Class Photo from Marsha Church King

Thank you Marsha! This and the following 3 posts are from Marsha and her fellow classmates from Miss Mary Kelly's "Reception Grade." They are much appreciated and a very nice addition to the historic heritage of Kuser School. Marsha's Mom provided the identification.

1953: The Principals

What a treasure! Ruth Parker and Emily Reynolds as we knew them! Ruth was a teacher when I was a student at Kuser. Emily was the Principal. Thanks to Marsha Church King, former "Kuser Kat" for this wonderful photo,.

1953: Pages from the Kuser School Yearbook

Thanks to Ms. Marsha Church King, Kuser 4th grade class, whose Mother saved these photos for posterity. If there were more Moms like Marsha's, we would have a much more comprehensive collection of memorabilia. Sorry to say I have not identification, but there may be in the future. Come back another time!

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