Friday, May 26, 2006


I have written numerous columns over the years recalling the world war II years through the eyes of a young boy. One of the memorable vestiges of that era at Kuser School was "Red Cross Day." the other was "Defense Stamp Day," when we all saved our pennies and tried to fill our Defense Stamp Book.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Somewhere in time

This is an early, circa 1920's or 30's photo which I saved from the trash bin. I have no idea when it was taken, nor do I know the production the children presented. Perhaps a viewer with an over 80 year old Kuser alumnus can identify the photo.

1927 The Kuser Faculty

As familiar as I am with the image of Emily C. Reynolds as I recall seeing her in the 1940's, I find it a difficult task to find her in this nearly 80 year old photo. On closer inspection, I have come to the conclusion that Miss Emily C. Reynolds is the lady in the back row, second from left.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tom Glover's "Tribute to a Friend"

I composed this poem to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Kuser, when it was my privilege to be the Kuser alumni representative. It pretty much describes the sentiments of those of us who were students there during the 30's and 40's.
Yellow Rose of Texas
Love Me Tender

1927: Dorothy Obert's Graduation Program

Here's a gem from the Library's Local History Collection thanks to Ms. Dorothy Obert, Kuser class of 1927.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kuser Annex

  • Students who lived in the area served by Kuser School went from eighth grade to ninth grade at Kuser School, attending "Kuser Annex." The Annex was where we spent our freshman year, and then it was on to Hamilton High for the rest of our high school education.

Mary Kelly - Reception Grade

Unfortunately a school has never been named for this woman who spent her entire career at Kuser. Ask any Kuser alumnus to tell you about this lady. She taught generations of familes during her long tenure as a "Reception" grade teacher at Kuser.

1909: The New Rosalie Kuser School

Did you know that Kuser and Klockner schools started out as "twins?" Well, they did! Klockner still maintains the architecture you see here on the original Kuser as it looked on opening day, 1909. In 1924, "wings" were added to each side of Kuser to accommodate an increase in the population of the Kuser area.

1944: The Milk Board

Only "Kuser Kats" from the 30's and 40's will recognize this familiar photo. I often pulled the milk wagon around the halls, diligently checking the order for who gets "white" milk and who gets chocolate. Yes. back in my early years, you could choose chocolate! Delivering the milk each morning before recess was more fun than standing out on the back steps clapping the blackboard erasers.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Amy Belle Smith: Eighth Grade

This gentle lady had charge of 8th grade math at Kuser. It was in her class where I set a record. I had been on the honor roll every marking period in every year until I was exposed to long division and equations; the latter subject being the introduction to algebra. I didn't fail Mrs. Smith's "Arithmetic" class, but I didn't maintain the "B" or above average to maintain honor roll status. Mrs. Smith's hobby was collecting bells. She had an enormous collection. She attributed her interest in bells to her middle name of "Belle."
In an email to me, Lorraine Feehan May reminded me that
"Miss" Smith was "Mrs." Smith. She wrote:
I remember Mrs. Smith, Miss Lacy, and all the teachers at Kuser. Mrs Smith taught us how to cast out nines. Anyone else remember that?



1938: Another Classroom Project

These boys built an airport, complete with a tower, airplanes and a hangar.

Kuser School "Glee Club"

What a charming appellation! "Glee Club!" When was the last time you heard that long forgotten name for a choral group? I was a card carrying member of the "Glee Club," through every year at Kuser School, 3rd grade through 8th. When I got to Hamilton High, it was mercifully changed to the "Choir." These young ladies are all in white blouses with a sprig of holly on their blouses. Some of the girls are wearing green skirts, and others are wearing red. Oh, yeah....we also sang......(a gasp of horror here, please!)..... religious Christmas songs! We even mentioned the Diety whose name was spelled the same as the season CHRISTmas!

Circa 1947 Anna Lacy's 5th Grade

This is a photo which really brings back memories of my years at Kuser, especially in Miss Lacy's and Miss Gaydos' class. These two classes were "famous" for "classroom projects." I remember in Miss Margaret Gaydos' class, we all worked on a project wherein we built an Elizabethan Theater as it was during William Shakespeare's era. Miss Gaydos was a lover of the works of Shakespeare and some of it rubbed off on us kids.

1940: Kuser's Production of "The Toymaker"

These folks ultimately went on to become the class of '45 at Hamilton High, which just happens to be brother Bud Glover's class.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I am having TONS of trouble finding a satisfactory guestbook hosting service. It is my hope that this one will be the final choice. This guestbook will allow me to respond to those whose emails require a response.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Kuser School Class of 43

Here's a pristine photo of some of the girls from the Kuser class of 43. Katherine "Kay" Kovacs, back row, far right, lived right up the street in my Hartley Avenue neighborhood.