Saturday, June 03, 2006

1946: The Charm of the "Neighborhood School"

The clipping accompanying this post is an example of "the way we were" during the era of the "neighborhood school." As I read that article, I realized that I knew almost every person listed. I hope I am not here to witness the complete demise of the neighborhood school. Thankfully, Kuser, Klockner, Greenwood, and Lalor schools are keeping the neighborhood tradition, and all point to a glorious past. Maple Shade, Farmingdale, DeCou, Rowan, Willey, Hamilton Square, Groveville, Homedell, Deutzville, Washington, Edgebrook, and Friendship schools served their neighborhoods admirably for many years prior to their demise. The neighborhood school provided a comfortable, familiar learning environment which really went a long way to provide educational excellence. Unlike many parents in today's society, the majority our parents were very active and supportive of all of our school affairs. They were active PTA contributors, were very attentive to our report cards, and attended our many school plays and musicals. We lost a very viable educational system when the neighborhood schools of our past went the way of the passenger pigeon. Long live the survivors!

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