Thursday, November 23, 2006

1950: Alex Bencivengo

Here's Alex, our star shortstop on the Plaag's Grove baseball field. We didn't have uniforms, we used rocks or bricks for bases, a baseball that was probably re-covered with black friction tape, and a bat that probably was repaired with a nail to mend a split. BUT.....did we ever have a great time playing our version of "sandlot" baseball! The young fellow you're looking at in this post was our star shortstop. Alex had the incredible ability to cover the SS are of the dusty infield like a vacuum cleaner. Alex was a dear friend during my childhood, and we had many good times together. I miss ya Alex, and think of you often. Alex was the "little brother "of Hamilton School Super Neil Bencivengo, cousin to a childhood
crush, Madeline Bencivengo.

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