Monday, February 26, 2007

From Tom Buker - a 1954 Kuser Kat

Following is an email I received from Mr. Bob Buker. The Buker family resided on Charlotte Avenue. Leland ("Leon") Buker and his wife Rose were dear friends during my years at St. Anthony's in Hamilton. Tom sent this email, and due to the fact that it refers to Charlotte Wilson Coyle (Kuser 1947), Bob Buker (Kuser 1954), and brother Tom who grew up in the Kuser neighborhood, I felt that it should be included on the Kuser School website. Following is Bob's email:

Good Morning Tom,
My name is Robert Buker and I am a graduate of Kuser School in 1954. My brother Tom also attended Kuser but graduated from a school in Ewing when we moved there in 1958. He sent me your web site information and I really enjoyed looking at it except for the part about Charlotte Wilson. Charlotte grew up on Charlotte Ave living next to my Grandparents who resided at 11 Charlotte Ave. My grandparents were Rose and Leland Buker. My parents Leon and Ruth Buker, my brother Tom and I lived at 46 Charlotte Ave. I spent a lot of time with the Wilson’s over the years and Charlotte was my baby sitter on numerous occasions and I remember her playing the piano in their living room. When ever I would see her I would call her Fo Fo. I called her that because when I was very young I could not say Charlotte. It has been years since the last time I have seen her but she was always a special person and always laughed when I called her FoFo. Charlotte was a close friend to my Aunt, Margarite Curran (Buker) who at 91 resides in Morris Hall. I am very sorry to find that she passed away.

I wanted to let you know that I have the 1954 graduation class photo at Kuser School. I am going to try to scan this photo in and send it to you. I think I can identify a lot of the people pictured in it. I went to school with the same kids at at Kuser for 8 grades then 3 years at Hamilton and then we moved to Ewing and graduated from Ewing HIGH IN 1959. I will email you the photo and I will look for others that I might have from Kuser.

Bob Buker

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I have the picture of the 1954 KUSER SCHOOL graduating class.... (