Saturday, September 27, 2008

1982: Dedication of the New Kuser Courtyard

THIS DELIGHTFUL PHOTO FROM ERIN BROWN (SZEJNER), KUSER 1986. Many thanks, Erin, this makes a wonderful addition to the Hamilton Library's "KUSER SCHOOL" folder and also to the Kuser School archives;
Erin wrote:
Here is a cute photo from when they dedicated the "new" courtyard back in the Spring of 1982. I was in 1st grade (Mrs. Young) and each class had to get dressed up in early 20th century clothing - I remember it was an all day event with a ribbon cutting ceremony and original Kuser relatives were in attendence. Thought you would enjoy (see attached photo).

Erin Brown (Szejner)
Kuser Class of 1986

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