Friday, March 06, 2009

2009: Thanks to Ms. Nancy Mull, Kuser Secretary

Here's a photo of the man who was loved and respected by those of us who attended Kuser School in the 40's. Mr. Shockey was a fixture at Kuser. Each morning as we arrived at school, we would find him on the front lawn raising the American flag, and as the day wore on we would see him doing whatever custodial duties were required of him. Many of us boys, yours truly included, were impressed by the huge number of keys he carried with him throughout the day. We were equally impressed with his navy blue trousers and policeman blue shirt with matching the contrasting black tie. Clarence Shockey: A Kuser School legend along with Emily Reynolds, Mary Kelley, Ruth Parker, and all those wonderful faculty who were instrumental in giving me . an education which has held me in good stead for over 70 years

Thanks again to Nancy Mull for the photo. Nancy, I forgot what Mr. Shockey's relationship to you was. Please let me know so I can include it on this page.

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