Saturday, September 03, 2011


See? I'm not the only guy with wonderful memories of a great grammar school education. Here's a comment I received on the Hamilton Local History blog from Gordy Fish, who was a student during WWII when I was also a student. Gordy wrote:

My wife pointed out the great article you wrote for the Trenton Times today. I attended Kuser from 1943-46 while my dad was in WWII. I very clearly remember Miss Kelly. I started Kindergarten in Homedell School over near Olden Ave and Liberty. At that time we lived on Liberty St. My dad took the trolley to work at Crecent Wire but had to leave the job due to asthma. He was in the NJ NG just before the war. Back to Miss Kelly, I remember one of the days in which I had no snack for recess. She always kept a jelly sandwich and gave me half. I remember Miss Reynolds and was in her niece's class at Jr. 3 and Ewing HS. I think there is a school named for her. I had Miss Forge for 4th grade, after which we moved to Trenton. Can't remember grades 2 and 3. Also remember Hogan's, the bldg. is still there. I was in front of Hogan's the day the war ended. We lived on Elizabeth Ave. between Atlantic and Pacific.

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