Friday, November 28, 2008


She was the most pleasant person one would ever want to meet. She was also the last person any Kuser Kat would want to encounter if and when he or she walked on the wrong side of the rules of her school. As I delve deep into my mental memory bank, I can still see her at a Friday afternoon assembly program reading from the Old Testament: "You shall be like a tree planted by still waters....." or "The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night..." I can also conjure up an image of her pulling up to the Mack home on Liberty St. and Newkirk avenue and pulling her big Buick into the Mack Bakery garage for another school day. Emily Reynolds was the consummate school principal.

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Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer said...

I remember when my mother took me to register as a student at Kuser. I was extremely anxious to start studying. Miss Reynolds was very kind, but I sensed in her an innate sense of self=command. In all of the years I knew her, she was the same; loving of her profession, and in her desire to make all students strive to achieve their best. I thought of her years later, when I went to study at Oxford, Uk. I told one of my Dons there that I had learned from my principal and teachers at Kuser the rules of always striving for the best ever. Thank you, Miss Gaydos, Miss Parker, and Miss Reynolds!