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Date: 6/18/2009, 1:25 pm, EDT Name: Ruthie Sickles Email: ruthsrescue@erols.comJavascript required Number: 10

I went to Kuser School with Pat and Carol Freeman, Judy Weaver, Linda Graycar, Jean Jefferson, just to mention a few. Then we moved to Ewing, where I graduated in 1962. I'll always cherish memories from Kuser School though. Remember all the activities we had during the summer, in the school playground. Unrelated, but how about Woodlawn Pool on those hot, summer days when none of us had air conditioning?

Date: 6/15/2009, 9:10 pm, EDT Name: Shari Faskow Email: eos_d@hotmail.comJavascript required Number: 9

Tom, I very much enjoyed reading through your Kuser memories. I graduated from Kuser in 1965 (and HHW in 1971). I remember Alex Bencivango well. We had some classes together and sometimes swam together at the Robin Dee Swim Club (there's a blast from the past!). I think that caption over Alex's pic should be 1960. Oh and I remember Madeleine, too. She was a cutie and all the boys had a crush on her! Thanks again for the memories. [Photo]

Date: 6/12/2009, 2:28 am, EDT Name: Pamela Hamer Email: pjhgauthier@yahoo.comJavascript required Number: 8

I graduated from Kuser School in 1974 and Hamilton West in '80. Lost track of some Kuser friends that went to Steinert... after the redistricting in '76. Wish I could find them. Kept track of Principal Katherine Geller for many years, but have lost track of her in the last few. Is she still with us?
Thanks for this site.

Date: 5/29/2009, 4:45 am, EDT Name: S.G.Stubbs Email: required Number: 7

You are an example of "you never know what's out there 'til you look". I'm researching the Wildblood family history amd also doing a course on internet sources fo genealogy. The combination of the 2 brought me to you. Wish you had mentioned more about the family. One of it's descendants, Alan Wildblood, is keenly interested in researching it also. Thanks for this site. SGStubbs

Date: 4/22/2009, 11:06 am, EDT Name: Ethel ( Van Lieu ) Bitler Email: dandebitler@comcast.netJavascript required Number: 6

The Happiest Days Of My Life Were At Kuser School.I Attended From 1943 Until I Graduated in 1953.To Go on To Be In The First Class At Stinert High When It Was Only 1 Grade 9th.It Sure Was Not The Same As Being At Kuser School.

Date: 1/14/2009, 7:33 pm, EDT Name: Sandi (Faltum) Morris Email: sandimorris@comcast.netJavascript required Number: 5

I went to Kuser School from about
1959 to 1966 K-6 and so did my father (George) and aunt. I found a picture of my Aunt Betty (Elizabeth) Faltum in one of the posted group pictures from 1935! I'm guessing my dad would have been around 1933 or 1934. How exciting! Thanks for the web site.

Date: 1/10/2009, 11:21 am, EDT Name: Marlene R. Mincher (Hawk) Email: jtmar112@verizon.netJavascript required Number: 4

I attended Kuser School beginning from kindergarten to third grade. Mrs. Reynolds was our principal. We moved and I then attended Lalor School from which I graduated in 1948. I loved Kuser School and sorry I had to leave. When I attended Hamilton High School, I finally met up with some of my classmates from Kuser School. I enjoy reading your column which brings back fond memories. I wish you continued success.

Date: 12/9/2008, 4:35 pm, EDT Name: Harry L. Bargholz Email: harrylb@bellsouth.netJavascript required Number: 3

I am a graduate of Kuser School. Would appreciate being included in the Alumni Group. I also could use your help in finding the name of a baseball field on Hamilton Avenue.

Date: 10/21/2008, 1:31 pm, EDT Name: Stephanie Chianese Shaffer Email: steffishaffer@verizon.netJavascript required Number: 2

I was in the class of 1976 at Kuser Elementary - the last 6th grade before the conversion to middle schools. Please keep me posted on the centennial celebration. Thank you

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