Friday, June 05, 2009


At last evening's Kuser School Centennial dinner-dance, I renewed a number of very old acquaintances. The young fellow on the right in the photo above was one of them. I remember Harry from his Kuser School days. Even though I occasionally see Marty Majarowitz , I hadn't seen Harry since our school days. After my "Kuser School: The Early Years" on-screen presentation was over last evening, Harry came over to me, and in less than 5 seconds we renewed old acquaintances. Harry told me he was one of the kids in Miss Margerum's class who worked on the log cabin project which was part of the presentation. (See the photo above). How I would love to be able to say that I was involved in one of those classroom projects which have been preserved over all these years! Here's a note I received from Harry Hall; a true "KUSER KAT:"


Hi Tom - I finally got the log cabin to print - you have no idea how much that picture means to me - I've tried for years to get a copy of it - I remembered it to be much larger -- it was real labor of love - especially when Miss Reynolds came in & gave me praise - in Fridays auditorium - she urged all classes to come by and see it - how proud - even my parents came in to see it - oh yes - Miss Margerum gave me an A-plus and best of all a big hug & kiss - thanks so much - you made an old man happy - Harry

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