Sunday, January 18, 2009


Years ago I read an article detailing the sale of the Kuser School land purchase from the Lawton family. The article indicated that the land was on a portion of the Kuser Farm. I was confused by the article and at the time asked if anyone knew that the Kuser land holdings extended all the way down New Street (Newkirk Avenue) to Hamilton Avenue. No one knew. I did read somewhere that the Lawtons sold the land to the township for one dollar. What added to the mystery is that the house which stands today on the northeast corner of Liberty St. and Newkirk Avenue was built by Herman Mack, who constructed most of the out buildings we see at today's Kuser Farm Park. During my childhood years, the Mack family lived there and operated a small bakery with the entrance on the Newkirk Avenue side. In an interview many years ago with the late Helen Mack Sutterlin, I was told that Fred Kuser and Herman Mack had a "falling out" when the Kuser questioned the source of the materials used to build the home. The Mack family served as caretakers at Kuser Farm in the early part of the 20th century.

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