Sunday, February 22, 2009


In 1908, the very beginnings of Kuser and Klockner Schools were made a part of the public record. Klockner chose 1908 as their centennial year. Kuser chose the year 1909, the year when the school was actually presented to the public with the dedication of the school in September, 1909.
My apologies for the missing letter "l" in the word "egal" in the black bordered note I added above. It was a typographical error, the results of a very poor keyboard on a Toshiba "Satellite" keyboard.
(Just one feather touch to an adjacent key will jump the cursor and text to another location on the screen.)
Thanks to George Conwell, Director of the Hamilton Township Public Library, the Toshiba has been replaced with a computer made for touch typists rather than a "hunt and peck" keyboard.)

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