Monday, February 02, 2009

What a treat! Here are the classes from Kuser School when I was in Miss Carnall's second grade. First of all, an embarrassing apology to those who have heard me boast about my extensive honor roll record! Through the years, Mom Glover boasted that "Tommy" was on the honor roll every year through Kuser School, right up to the 7th grade. Who wouldn't believe their mom? Well, much to my consternation, I find that Mom was either girdling the tree of truth, or honestly thought that I had reached the level of my intellectually superior classmates. As you can see, there is no "Thomas Glover" in the second grade listing! So now I find that I must confess to being an honor student for most of my Kuser Grammar School career, until 8th grade when along came Millie Long, Madeline Bencivengo, Shirley Whitebread....the list goes on. However, what a joy it was to run through the classes from lowest to upper. I looked for my grammar school "crush," Madeline Bencivengo in first grade, but she was also absent; but there was another of my childhood "sweethearts," Mary Lou Saxton, a second grade classmate. The other names are so familiar!---Eileen Quick, Lorraine Feehan, Jake Tarr, Carolyn Saxton and Mary Lou Litwin, plus all those in my brother Bud's 8th grade class at Kuser School.

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